Pack Line, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz
    Pack Line, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz
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    Pack Line, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz

    Pack Line, LTD, חולוןיצרן

    Pack Line, LTD, חולון
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    Сompany address: חולון, ישראל
    59 Professor Shor St.
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    Pack Line was established in 1990 by Victor Katseli. We began with a strong experienced engineering background and today, we have developed into a recognized world leading manufacturer of packaging machines and the supplier to some of the biggest names in the food packaging, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. Whether you require a single piece of machinery or complex end to end packaging lines, you can rely on our innovative linear and rotary filling and sealing machines, piston fillers and MAP Systems to increase your productivity, improve operating efficiency and lower operating costs within your facilities. We pride ourselves on setting the standard in technology, efficiency and reliability in the engineering of our products. With the most experienced team in the industry, we will help you develop the perfect solution to suit your product and your brand and deliver it in the shortest possible time so that you can achieve new and innovative goals in your field.
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