Al-Magor, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz
    Al-Magor, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz
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    Al-Magor, LTD - Company in חולון, ישראל - Allbiz

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    Al-Magor, LTD, חולון
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    Сompany address: חולון, ישראל
    רח' הבנאי 22
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    Al-Magor is an established worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of hand tools for punching and inserting all types of irrigation piping for gardening and agriculture. Al-Magor, a well established manufacturing company, has developed over the last decade a line of original, patented hand tools for punching holes into irrigation pipes of all sizes for insertion of drippers and sprinklers, and also insertion tools for this purpose. These irrigation accessories provide solutions for irrigation systems of all types. Much thought has been invested in the manufacture of these unique tools, distinctive for their originality and authenticity, in order to achieve facility of operation, user comfort and esthetic design. The simplicity of operation of these tools considerably increases the work output, and therefore prove to be economical and time-saving. As a company specializing in metal processing, we manufacture a range of special blades with an emphasis on quality and longevity. Our products are distributed and marketed through all the irrigation companies in Israel and many irrigation companies around the world; in Europe, the United States (as well as the Home Depot chain) and Australia.
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